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Learn More About Compression Clothing for Men


Shop Men's Compression Clothing to Give You an Edge

Discover the remarkable fit and feel of men's compression gear. Compression apparel supports your muscles and body - giving you the edge you need to reach your peak.

Whether you're at the gym or on the gridiron, boost your performance with men's compression clothing. Shop compression shirts, shorts and pants for men. For the ultimate baselayer when the temperatures delve, layer with cold-weather compression clothing.

Pull on compression clothing that matches your style - with everything from sleek greys and blacks to eye-catching prints and vibrant hues. Stay cool in a compression tank-top or break out your inner super hero with Under Armour's® signature Alter Ego shirts.

Get gear or compression socks from your favorite brands, like Nike®, adidas®, SECOND SKIN® and many more.

Expert Advice

Compression technology delivers strength to your body when you need it most. Take on your training in compression apparel that supports muscles and increases blood circulation as you work out – boosting your recovery time post-workout and fending off muscle fatigue.

Wear your compression gear alone or as a baselayer, whether you're taking on another mile or conquering grueling two-a-days. Compression clothing is designed for a lightweight, second-skin fit that flexes and bends with your body as you train. Details like flat stitching prevent uncomfortable rubbing and chaffing, while mesh gusseting provides breathability.

Choose compression gear designed with moisture-wicking technology, which works to pull perspiration from your skin for an all-day fresh feeling. Thermal compression technology helps regulate your core body temperature, keeping you energized in chilly temperatures.

Men's compression clothing designed with a graduated fit helps increase your circulation. For a custom-like fit, choose compression clothing designed with four-way stretch and details like ankle and wrist gripper elastics. For ultimate comfort from the practice field to the locker room, choose compression clothing treated with antimicrobial fabrication that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Train outdoors with compression clothing designed with reflective elements that keep you visible in low-light. Clothing designed with UV ray-blocking technologies work to protect you from the sun's harmful glare.


Frequently Asked Questions About Compression Clothing for Men

What is compression clothing made of?

Compression clothing is typically made from a blend of spandex and nylon.

How does compression clothing work?

Compression technology utilizes tighter-fitting fabric to help support circulation to the core and/or select muscle groups. One version of the technology, called graduated compression, targets the extremities in order to redirect blood flow back to the heart, while another, called compartmental compression, aims for more specific areas.

What is compression technology?

Compression technology applies increased pressure on certain areas of the body to support blood flow. This technology is built into apparel, such as shirts, shorts and sleeves, with the aim of supporting athletic performance.

What is compression clothing good for?

Compression clothing can be beneficial for athletes of almost any sport. Lower-body apparel, like men’s compression pants and men’s compression shorts, may particularly help runners, while upper-body compression items, such as men’s compression shirts and compression socks and sleeves, can be especially helpful in football and baseball.

What are the benefits of compression gear?

Compression clothes are designed to promote increased blood flow, which supports oxygen delivery to the muscles. This not only helps support an athlete’s performance, but it may also assists with post-workout recovery due to a reduction in the build-up of lactic acid. Besides reduced muscle fatigue during and after an athlete’s workout, compression technology may also lessen muscle oscillation, cut down on chafing and wick sweat.

How should compression clothing fit?

Compression apparel should have a tight, body-hugging fit. Exactly how tight, though, depends on the level of compression, which can range from mild to extra firm and is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg):

  • Mild compression: 8–15 mmHg
  • Moderate compression: 15–20 mmHg
  • Firm compression: 20–30 mmHg
  • Extra Firm Compression: 30–40mmHg

Most athletes benefit from mild- to moderate-grade compression, while firm and extra-firm levels should only be worn under medical supervision.


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